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Ursprünglich waren Portraitaufnahmen von der Kätzin Vicky im Garten geplant. Mit ihren strahlend blauen Augen erkundete sie die fremde Umgebung. Es war gar nicht so leicht, ihr dabei mit der Kamera auf den Fersen zu bleiben und ihre lustigen Gesichtsausdrücke beim Erkunden einzufangen. Weil Vickys Freunde Zacco & Shary auch dabei waren, wurde das Shooting […]
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  • 📷 I’m not just an equine photographer. Obviously the last years I focused on my favorite animals to work out my photographic skills. Nevertheless I see myself as an animal photographer. I love nearly all of them. As a child I always preferred animals over humans. Photography is not my passion on first place but to be surrounded by fluffy friends clearly is. I want to bring out the characteristics of every single individual and to give them a voice through my images. My head is full of ideas for the next months and years 😊
  • 🇩🇪 AUSSTELLUNG: meine zweite Einzelausstellung startet in zwei Wochen passend zu meinem Bildband Equi Animo. Am 26.10.2018 um 19:00 Uhr könnt ihr mich auf der Vernissage in Ganderkesee im Kulturhaus Müller treffen. Bis zum 27.01.2019 läuft die Ausstellung, die ihr kostenlos besuchen könnt. Ich würd mich freuen, euch zu sehen! 😊🇬🇧 Your favorite model so far: @be_aech_versa_jack 😍
  • He's a stunner. @be_aech_versa_jack
  • Paint Horse stallion @be_aech_versa_jack at the Baltic Sea 😍 first time he was at the beach. He's a horse for 👸
  • Who else has a horse with same character traits? Feliz is as introverted as I am and her facial expression really are showing what she's thinking 😅 picture by @annemarie_zander
  • 🍀First of all I have to say thank you so much for all of your kind words, messages and support regarding my new book Equi Animo. For me this coffee table book marks a big milestone 😲Today I want to show you some images of the last chapter "Wild Things" featuring the wild horses of Bosnia. Of course the fine art images taken in studio are my absolute favorite part closely followed by the wild horses. I met them twice and you will find all sides of their personalities in my series. Their soft and gentle sides, the strong family bound as well as their pure power. Wild things has one the first place of the International Photography Awards two years ago 🏆You'll find more informations and my experience written in the books in German AND English 😊 Advertisement: You can order your copy at Amazon.com & Amazon.de 🙌
  • That's me with my horse Feliz taken by my friend @annemarie_zander 😊I love to spend time with my animals without the camera but autumn is the most magical time of the year ✨Hope you are enjoying the golden trees 🍁with a warm tea and my coffee table book "Equi Animo" featuring my best equine images 😊(Advertisement)
  • Tatjana & Thies at my workshops 😍 Book your own personal coaching in Germany via info@wiebke-haas.de (Werbung/Ad)
  • Stella 😍Friesian mare at this years summer workshops 😊

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